About Me

I am originally from the small town of Uniondale, Pennsylvania, and grew up on a farm.  I went to Chiropractic school in upstate New York at New York Chiropractic College and graduated in November of 2007.  I began practicing in North Carolina in January of 2008 once I got settled down here.  I don’t like the snow and being in upstate NY really taught me that! While I love the weather down here, I know my family misses their chiropractor.  I was driven through my time in school to become the chiropractor that my family wanted me to be, translation in my book, I’m an “old school” young doc.  My belief is that the profession began with the hands, therefore I will continue it that way.  One thing my patients have come to learn is that I will treat each of them how I’d like to be treated.  I always say, “you know your body better than I ever will, just like I know my body best,” and respect that of each of my patients.  If I were asked “What’s one thing you hear a lot of in your office?”  My honest answer would have to be that people are surprised that I will take the time to explain my findings.  My goal, with my care, is to teach you to be able to understand your body better (and long term, this does tend to make my job easier!).

I will say that I feel truly blessed to be able to practice as a chiropractor.  I enjoy going to work each day, enjoy helping people and believe that I have found my calling.  It’s thanks to God that I am able to do everything that I do each day.

One other topic, for those that may be new to the practice, I have had low back problems in the past.  One thing that I found myself telling my patients, over and over again, was to wear good supportive shoes.  Therefore, please don’t be surprised to see me in my sneakers.  I’m a casual doc, I take my job seriously, but I am able to do my job better when I don’t have back problems myself.  Also, many people tend to feel more comfortable and relaxed in the office.  (Oh, and kids aren’t afraid of me this way either!).   I am an outgoing person though, and I enjoy life, and personally I had always been nervous when I visited a doctor (especially before I became one), so there are some things that I do differently to ease the tension.  Here are a few things that I do: I sit next to you as we go through your history; I try to make sure that my patients and I are always talking to each other at the same level (I won’t stand while I have a conversation with you); and finally I have a few “ice breakers” for people that are new to the office that break the tension, make you laugh (and possibly shake your head), but these are all things that help to relax people and I do this to make people realize that I’m a person just like everyone else.  I tell people, “the more relaxed you are, the better the treatment feels, the more comfortable it is, and the easier MY job is,”  so if you decide to come for a visit, I hope I’ll be able to help you feel better and that I’m also able to get a laugh out of you!

Finally, I treat people of all ages, infants to grandparents.  My youngest patient was 9 days old when she got her first adjustment (she’s now 16 months), and my patient with the most years is 93.  Everyone is different though, and with such a range of patients, not one is ever treated the same way.  I look forward to having an opportunity to learn about each person I encounter, and would like to thank all of those who have supported me and helped me to become the doctor that I am. My goal is to become one more person/team member in your group of health care providers so that through all of us working together, we can get you to absolute wellness!

As Always, Yours in Health & Wellness,

Dr. Missy